Green Puros designs, develops and produces pellet stoves, hydro-stoves and boilers. All products are TÜV certified, reflecting the company’s commitment to safeguarding the health of consumers and increasing product reliability that lives alongside environmental protection.

Pellet: Green Puros offers eco-friendly and economic solutions to heat our houses, and among these we find pellet boilers and stoves. Pellet has a high calorific value. This is strongly influenced by the wood substance of which it consists and the percentage of humidity in it (its value can change between 5,23 kW/kg, for pellet with a reduced degree of humidity, and 4,07 kW/kg).

Biomass Heating: Respect for the environment and an increased awareness of environmental issues have led to greater use of renewable energy sources from vegetable biomass, such as wood, pellets and corn. The quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from burning a biomass material is the same as the quantity absorbed by the same plant during its life cycle, meaning that there is no increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. On the contrary, non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, release huge quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Green Puros comes from a forty-year experience in the combustion and has always paid particular attention to both the ecological issues and the protection of the environment, with an eye to renewable energy and environmentally friendly. It’s the concrete expression of a company that dedicates its work to the study of advanced solutions for heating, with maximum comfort and savings.

Green Puros offers eco-friendly and avant-garde products that ensure maximum performance with minimum cost respecting the highest safety standards. These products are elegant and treated in detail with last-generation design. Stoves, hydro-stoves and boilers offer the very best technology and reveal their elegance in the refined details and clean, sophisticated aesthetics.


Green Puros has always been synonym of safety, quality and reliability. The materials and components are carefully selected and guaranteed by a constant quality control. Every single product is equipped with control systems which ensure its operation. In this way, Green Puros can guarantee high comfort and saving with maximum safety and performance.


Made in Italy boilers and stoves, technical excellence warranty: Green Puros stands for innovation that respects the environment and ensures a high level comfort.

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Product overview


Our stoves are 100% Made in Italy, with attention being paid to even the smallest of details. Our stoves are able to meet any interior design requirement thanks to their sophisticated panels and materials, allowing customers to choose the solution that best suits the characteristics of their room.


Different types of electronic controls indicating the status and temperature, LCD display with 3 or 6 buttons. Advanced remote control to command and control the functions.


The continuous research and the acquired know-how let Green Puros develop a special stainless steel brazier that allows a laminar flame and better combustion with high efficiency and lower emissions.


The ceramic glass resist to 750 °C and is continuously touched by a flow of air that helps to keep the surface clean.