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Air Line Stoves

Pellet stoves that are born from tradition and are dedicated to innovation, following the same criteria that has made Italy a guarantee of technical excellence and the highest standards of quality: Made in Italy.

Hydrostoves Water line

Green Puros today has also established itself for its ability to offer pellet products able to replace or supplement domestic installations for heating air and hot water, ensuring maximum efficiency and high performances, with a low environmental impact thanks to the reduced emissions.
Pellet boiler for heating and the rapid production of sanitary hot water or via external boiler. Standard with the self-cleaning rotating brazier that allows ease of use and reduced maintenance. The high capacity of the reservoir guarantees a considerable autonomy for
a great comfort of use.


The materials and components are carefully selected and guaranteed by a constant quality control.

Green Puros provides the highest quality and safety, in full compliance with the requirements and test methods prescribed and identified in the European standard UNI EN 303-5, EN 14785 for stoves and hydro-stoves and EN 303-5 for boilers.

All our products comply with the requirements of the directives on safety, public health and consumer protection.

Quality Made in Italy

Our stoves are 100% Made in Italy, with attention being paid to even the smallest of details. Our stoves are able to meet any
interior design requirement thanks to their sophisticated panels and materials, allowing customers to choose the solution that best suits the characteristics of their room

Technological brazier

The continuous research and the acquired know-how let Green Puros develop a special stainless steel brazier that allows a laminar flame and better combustion with high efficiency and lower emissions.

Electronic control

Different types of electronic controls indicating the status and temperature, LCD display with 3 or 6 buttons. Advanced remote
control to command and control the functions.

Self-cleaning glass

The ceramic glass resists to 750 °C and is continuously touched by a flow of air that helps to keep the surface clean.

Fire safety

Safety valve for safe operation in case of overpressure inside the firebox.

Tax deductions

All countries offer the chance to claim tax deductions for the purchase of a stove, albeit with different percentages. Please contact us for further information