All our products are equipped with specific technologies limiting the need of maintenance and cleaning. In this way the efficiency of the product will remain unchanged over the time and always guarantees high performance and low consumption.

Our products are elegant and they are suitable for any kind of environment. Thanks to their technical specifications, minimal maintenance work and cleaning operations are required.

This aspect allows to preserve product’s efficiency over time, which means that pellet stoves and boilers always ensure high performance at low costs.

Our products’ design is of excellent quality and details are finished with care. These products are the result of a long process of research and development, which goes hand in hand with market demand and European legislation. Moreover, Green Puros offers a national network of support centers and a highly advanced service of Customer Satisfaction. Our mission is finalized to grant the total customer’s satisfaction as well as concreteness and efficiency.


Our stoves are 100% Made in Italy, with attention being paid to even the smallest of details. Our stoves are able to meet any interior design requirement thanks to their sophisticated panels and materials, allowing customers to choose the solution that best suits the characteristics of their room.


The continuous research and the acquired know-how let Green Puros develop a special stainless steel brazier that allows a laminar flame and better combustion with high efficiency and lower emissions.


Different types of electronic controls indicating the status and temperature, LCD display with 3 or 6 buttons. Advanced remote control to command and control the functions.


The ceramic glass resist to 750 °C and is continuously touched by a flow of air that helps to keep the surface clean.


Safety valve for safe operation in case of overpressure inside the firebox.


Ability to adapt to any environment, in terms of both aesthetics and space, efficiency and value for money. Oxygen is collected from outside of the room where the stove is installed, meaning that air vents are not necessary. Pellet stoves with a sealed chamber can therefore be installed in any type of room, even those that wouldn’t normally be suitable for such heaters. A stove with a sealed chamber is therefore unlike a classic pellet stove, which collects the air it needs for combustion from the room in which it is installed, thereby requiring the room to have air vents. Green Puros not only stands for the best avant-garde and sophisticated solutions to personalise your room, but also pays close attention to satisfying all kinds of customer requirements.